5 Travel Tips For Destination Weddings to Know Before You Go

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From travel insurance to changing your maiden name- you NEED to know these travel tips for destination weddings before you go!

As a bride packing your bags anticipating a luxury-included destination wedding or tropical honeymoon, the last thing on your mind is name change. While it’s our job to get you excited for the WeddingMoon, it’s the job of  TSA, airline carriers, and government offices to take the name on your travel documents versus your actual legal name very seriously. This can be a total buzz kill when you’re more concerned with bikini shopping then filling out government forms and braving long lines.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to stress about your new name and travel arrangements. We’ve tracked down the experts in US and Canadian name-change services, the founders of MissNowMrs.com, to get their best tips for getting out of a government office and on the beach pronto. Following their five top travel tips will ensure smooth passage to your destination and a headache-free start to married life!

Maiden Voyage
If your honeymoon is right after your wedding, be sure to book all travel tickets and rooms in your maiden name! The US State Department takes 5-6 weeks to issue new passports…