5 Twilight Weddings Tips You Haven’t Considered

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Everything you should think about when planning a twilight destination wedding.

Twilight ceremonies set an insanely romantic mood for your destination wedding. A little creative lighting can go a long way against the slowing dimming hues of the setting sun. Even if it’s a bit cloudy or if you choose a destination spot on the opposite side of the setting sun – the colors cast all around are remarkable. Have you, however, considered everything that makes a twilight wedding look amazing, even well into the night? Just in case you haven’t, we have for you!

Consider Your Timing

Sunset real wedding at Beaches Turks and Caicos

This tip in an insanely important one a lot of brides tend to forget about. It’s very important to time your wedding events with the uncertainty of nature. Make sure that you check and double check the time of the sunset on your wedding day. Share your desired timeline with your wedding planner as he or she would be able to shepherd your guests to locations on time. If you’re trying to time the sunset for your photos, you will want to plan your wedding to begin at least 30 minutes before the timed sunset. This way your…