Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Choosing a wedding photographer was a bit difficult. At first we thought we could just find someone who took pictures as a hobby or a friend to take pictures at the wedding, but then we realized we wanted someone who was a bit more professional since it was our wedding, for goodness’ sake!

Then we looked into wedding photographers in Tulum. The resort we are getting married at, Cabanas la Luna, recommended Del Sol Photography. They had amazing photos and looked like they would be great to work with, but their prices were…a bit over our budget.

Del Sol Photography / Yucatan Trash the Dress

Then the most amazing thing happened! I remembered a coworker telling me that one of her family members was a destination-wedding photographer and that she traveled all over photographing weddings and different events. First of all, I thought that was the most amazing job ever and I was immediately intrigued. Then she said she had also just received her Divemaster certification and was about my age! I thought she sounded great, and I went to check out her website.

Her photos are amazing, and I thought she would be way out of our…