DIY: Destination Wedding Sign

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Destination weddings certainly bring out the creativity in brides! This DIY is actually courtesy of two of our past real wedding brides, Amy and Keri, who thought of this cute idea to honor the distance their guests have travelled. One of the brides even decided to dismantle her sign and give each guest the board that represented their destination. 

Even if you’re not a destination bride but you have guests coming in from out of state or families from different locations and you’re looking for a way to honor that, this DIY is definitely for you! All of these items can be found at your local craft and hardware stores.

What You’ll Need

Wood Boards – Enough to match the different locations your guests represent. A pallet can have about 6-8 boards on them (try hardware stores!) 1/2″ thick x 3 1/2 ” wide. Sand Paper Saw Paint Stain – In different colors of your choice Glitter, Seashells or Decals for decorating (optional)  Paint Stencils (optional) Acrylic Paint for lettering – go color crazy! One medium sized paint brush A fine-tipped paint brush for lettering Wood Glue or wood nails (from 3/4 in to 1 1/4 in depending on the thickness of boards)  Drill…