Engagement Rings for Men

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Popping the question to a guy? There’s a ring for that!

So, women proposing to a man is no longer just a leap proposal thing. Don’t just take our word for it; you can see it trending here and here. We won’t get into the whole “should you or shouldn’t you debate” (WeddingMoons don’t judge!) What we will do is tell you, if you’re a woman looking to put a ring on it or a guy getting ready to make that special leap with your special friend then do it in style! Whether you’re planning on proposing to your gent in grand style like WeddingMoon bride Dana did during the last leap year or in a more low key fashion, you can still get your guy pretty excited about his new man bling!

Here are our top picks for man-gagement rings from romantic jewellery experts, Amoro for Sandals:

Gold and Argentium Silver Diamond wedding band with a single center groove with eight round brilliant genuine Diamonds with an emery finish.

This ring somehow manages to look rugged and romantic at the same time. It’s literally perfect for the guy who can handle changing a water pipe and putting together the perfect…