Every Guy’s Guide to Engagement Ring Shopping

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Guys, we get it; popping the question can be nerve-racking. Throw in the pressure of finding the perfect engagement ring and its guy’s locker room jitters all over again. This guide to engagement ring shopping from will have you choosing rings like a pro-jeweler!

Step 1- The absolute, first thing all men should do, when beginning to shop for an engagement ring, is relax. Seriously, calm down. Believe it or not, women know the pressure to find the perfect ring is daunting. As a matter of fact, a recent study done by DDB Life Style Study surveyed men and women about their views on engagement rings. The majority of all women surveyed (61 %) said they’d be happy with whatever engagement ring their boyfriend’s picked out and would rather their guys propose than wait until they can afford a ring. So, you’re good!

Step 2– The second thing guy’s shopping blindly for THE ring should do is to find a reliable guide to ring shopping. With (tons of) help from the go-to-guy for engagement rings, Stephen Crane jewelry expert at Amoro for Sandals, we came up with what we like to call The Every Guy’s Guide to Engagement Ring Shopping!…