Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Thank You Cards

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Photo via FreddyandFreja on Etsy.

After your special day has come and gone, facing a stack of thank you notes can be daunting. Where do you even begin?

Even though you might be tempted to skip the thank you cards altogether, Christa Talarowski, founder of Oakville-based stationery boutique Anista Designs says not to underestimate the importance of showing your gratitude. “These notes show appreciation for your guests participation and attendance,” Talarowski explains. “These are special people in your life, and thank you cards can give you the opportunity to let them know it.”

Talarowski also says it’s important to get your cards in the mail ASAP. “The best time to write your thank you cards is right after you return from your honeymoon, or one month after your wedding,” Talarowski advises. The best time to send them out? One to three months after the big day, according to Talarowski. “Some people suggest sending your cards within a year, I don’t suggest it,” she says. “Waiting too long may result in your guests’ addresses being out of date.” For gifts received before your wedding, send thank you cards within two weeks of receiving the gift. “This prevents it from becoming an oversight,” Talarowski says.