Photographers don’t always keep your files: Why and how you should protect your wedding photos

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Melissa Miksch is a kick-ass wedding photographer who’s here to tell you the whys and hows of protecting your wedding photos from things like fires, hard-drives, and toddlers.

Photo by Melissa Miksch

When it comes to photography, there’s been a surge lately in experts telling you to print your photos. It all ties into the worry that we’re going to lose all the digital history of our generation (see this article explaining Google’s vice-president’s theory on that).

I’ve been mulling over this issue for a while, trying to sort out my own feelings on the matter. You see, I’m an artist. As an artist, of course I want you to print your photos and hang them on your wall or put them in an album, so that someday your grandkids can flip through it and make fun of your hair or the ugly dress Aunty Mae wore. (Seriously, no matter how much you try for a “timeless” look, there is no escaping your wedding reflecting the time frame it happened in. So quit worrying, and embrace it!) But prints are destructible!

There. I said it. Crap happens. Fires, floods, massive earthquakes that flatten Seattle (you all know what I’m talking about).…