Wedding Budget Tip #5: Do DIY Projects for Your Wedding

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wedding budget tip: DIY projects can save you big money. Click over to this post to learn how!!

Wedding Budget Tip #5:

DIY projects can save you big money.


One of my favorite ways to personalize your wedding AND save money is by doing DIY projects.

It’s not a guaranteed way to save money… I think we all know it can be easy to go overboard or not plan your projects effectively, which can lead to overspending. But if you’re smart about it, take on only the projects that you realistically can accomplish yourself (and not drive yourself absolutely batty in the process) – you can definitely save some cash *and* add more personality and flair to your big day.

Many of the gorgeous and opulent looks you’ve seen in your Pinterest feed or around the wedding blogosphere are totally re-create-able yourself if you have the skills and the tools. I definitely suggest making any items that you think you could create for less than the price of purchasing something specifically for the wedding.

Anything from wedding decor items or wedding invitations is fair game when it comes to DIY. Just be sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew! Plan ahead, set a schedule for yourself to ensure your projects are done well in advance of your big day so you don’t lose sleep or your mind the week of your wedding.

And of course, make sure to shop savvy when it comes to supplies and tools you need to craft your DIY items. Be sure to never visit your local Michael’s without a coupon in hand (or on your smartphone!)

Looking for some cute projects to personalize your big day for less? Be sure to check out our huge collection of DIY projects and Printables!

Are you planning to do DIY Projects for Your Wedding?


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