Wedding Hosts: Wedding Invitation Wording

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Last week we talked a bit about Wedding invitation wording; How to Say it and Where to Say it. Today we are sort of continuing that but with the focus on the Wedding Hosts. I have found that one of the first things I notice on a wedding invitation card is the host of the wedding, this probably has to do with the fact that I struggled to get this right for my own wedding. Thankfully, there are templates that handle these where you just have to fill in your details. But just in case you are wondering how to really get this done, here is a quick template that addresses the “hosts of the Wedding” wording.

Usually, it’s the parents of the couple, either both sets of parents or just one set of parents that hosts the wedding. However, some cases just the couple or both the couple and parents do so. Here is a traditional template for these different hosts below.

Wedding Hosts: One set of parents

Mr. and Mrs. Paul…