Wedding Trends for The Fall

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Like the fashion industry, the wedding business is ever-changing. The must wear and must-do trends to make your dream wedding special for your guests almost change with the seasons. Cynthia Pesce is a renowned wedding planner and the General Manager of the award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island, New York

Cynthia says going into the Fall and Winter months there are 5 wedding trends that anyone planning a wedding should consider to bring that extra element to their guests.

Desserts…Infused with Alcohol. Of course everyone get wedding cake. But, by the time you dance all night, more dessert may be a must. That’s why this infused dessert is becoming popular. That, and the fact it has alcohol. Passed infused desserts as a final measure for the evening is a classy way to wrap up the night or the dining portion of your evening. Specialty Linens. This is a new statement piece that can help the overall feel of your special day. This design element gives you a lot of bang for your buck and adds such ambiance to any room. A Sweet Send-Off. The to-go trucks have…