Writing the Ceremony, Part 1: Ceremonies and Readings and Vows, Oh My!

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Now that Mr. Sugar Cube and I are getting close to the final stretch, I think it’s about time to come full circle and discuss ceremonies again. (It feels like it’s been forever since I posted some of the ceremony readings and unity ceremonies I had found.)

Because the ceremony was one of the highest priorities for Mr. Sugar Cube and me, we wanted to write the entire ceremony. And so we’ve been working on it the entire length of our engagement, going over and over the wording, tweaking here and there, pulling things and putting new things in, trying to make it as meaningful and as personal as possible. It will be the best ceremony we’ve ever been too. (Completely biased unbiased here!) And hopefully the best our guests have been to as well.

I began by scouring the internet for script outlines for help with constructing the first rough draft of our ceremony, using guides and examples from The Knot, Offbeat Bride, Weddingbee, Officiant Eric, and more.

With a basic outline, I sent out to find the perfect unity ceremony for Mr. Sugar Cube and me. I found it in the ring warming:

Georgi Anastasov via canadianbacon on Weddingbee / Two…